Grassau, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Thomanerchor Leipzig Grassau Aug 25 Thomanerchor Leipzig
PABST Grassau Aug 25 PABST, ABAY, audio88 & yassin and 2 more...
Val Sinestra Grassau Aug 26 Val Sinestra
An Orchestra of Voices Grassau Aug 27 An Orchestra of Voices
Chanticleer Grassau Aug 27 Chanticleer
Ital Grassau Aug 27 Ital
Ventura Fox 2.0 Grassau Aug 31 Ventura Fox 2.0
Unpainted Blue Grassau Sep 02 Unpainted Blue
The Lords Grassau Sep 03 The Lords
The Rattles Grassau Sep 03 The Rattles
Sons of Settlers Grassau Sep 07 Sons of Settlers
The Gregorian Voices Grassau Sep 07 The Gregorian Voices
The Gregorian Voices  Grassau Sep 07 The Gregorian Voices 
Tanith Grassau Sep 08 Tanith
Línox Grassau Sep 08 Línox
Matt Kirkwood Grassau Sep 08 Matt Kirkwood
Ben Ivy Grassau Sep 08 Ben Ivy
Antonella Grassau Sep 08 Antonella
Anselmus Grassau Sep 08 Anselmus