Grado, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Pinheads Grado Oct 21 The Pinheads
Christopher Paul Stelling Grado Oct 21 Christopher Paul Stelling
DJ  Davide Manali Grado Oct 21 DJ Davide Manali
Luciano Ligabue Grado Oct 23 Luciano Ligabue
Luciano Ligabue Grado Oct 24 Luciano Ligabue
Filippo Vignato Grado Oct 26 Filippo Vignato
Filippo Vignato Grado Oct 26 Filippo Vignato
HEAR in NOW Grado Oct 27 HEAR in NOW
Vitowar Grado Oct 27 Vitowar
Anselmo Luisi - drummer&percussionist Grado Oct 27 Anselmo Luisi - drummer&percussionist
DEVASTED Grado Oct 27 DEVASTED, Total Chaos, FDP
James Brandon Lewis Grado Oct 27 James Brandon Lewis, James Brandon Lewis Tenor Saxophone, Luke Stewart Bass and 1 more...
Francisco Allendes Grado Oct 28 Francisco Allendes
DEVASTED Grado Oct 28 DEVASTED, Mordechai, Tilda's vawe and 1 more...
Richie Hawtin Grado Oct 31 Richie Hawtin
Luca Agnelli Grado Oct 31 Luca Agnelli
American Hitmen Grado Nov 02 American Hitmen
Stefano Bollani Grado Nov 03 Stefano Bollani
Reed Turchi Grado Nov 08 Reed Turchi
Orsetti Chiacchieroni Grado Nov 11 Orsetti Chiacchieroni, Angelica Lubian