Gniewkowo, Poland
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Tim McMillan Gniewkowo Aug 18 Tim McMillan
Michal Gutkowski Gniewkowo Aug 19 Michal Gutkowski
Amorphis Gniewkowo Aug 21 Amorphis
Tom Swoon Gniewkowo Aug 22 Tom Swoon
Heartbeast Gniewkowo Aug 26 Heartbeast
Bon Fire Gniewkowo Sep 02 Bon Fire
Civil War Gniewkowo Sep 02 Civil War
La Vita Arte Gniewkowo Sep 02 La Vita Arte
Festiwal Akademia Gitary Gniewkowo Sep 02 Festiwal Akademia Gitary
Dj Buyas Gniewkowo Sep 02 Dj Buyas
Sikdope Gniewkowo Sep 02 Sikdope
Festiwal Akademia Gitary Gniewkowo Sep 09 Festiwal Akademia Gitary
Piotr Wyleżoł Gniewkowo Sep 09 Piotr Wyleżoł
Ray Wilson Gniewkowo Sep 09 Ray Wilson
Genesis Classic Gniewkowo Sep 09 Genesis Classic
Hammond grooves Gniewkowo Sep 09 Hammond grooves
Festiwal Akademia Gitary Gniewkowo Sep 10 Festiwal Akademia Gitary
Nervosa Thrash Gniewkowo Sep 10 Nervosa Thrash
Michal Urbaniak Gniewkowo Sep 10 Michal Urbaniak, Michael "Patches" Stewart, Femi Temowo and 4 more...
Michael "Patches" Stewart Gniewkowo Sep 10 Michael "Patches" Stewart