Gjern, Denmark
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Gjern

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Mohammed Assaf Gjern Aug 24 Mohammed Assaf
In Lonely Majasty Gjern Aug 24 In Lonely Majasty
In Lonely Majesty Gjern Aug 24 In Lonely Majesty
Magnified Eye Gjern Aug 25 Magnified Eye
LIVLØS Gjern Aug 25 LIVLØS, Unseen Faith, Cabal and 1 more...
Christian Brock Gjern Aug 25 Christian Brock, Christian Brock
Zapp Zapp Gjern Aug 25 Zapp Zapp
Back to Back Gjern Aug 26 Back to Back
Rasmus Seebach Gjern Aug 26 Rasmus Seebach
Powersolo Gjern Aug 26 Powersolo
DJ Sash Gjern Aug 26 DJ Sash, Sash!
Italobrothers Gjern Aug 26 Italobrothers
Alexander Oscar Gjern Aug 29 Alexander Oscar
Hauschka Gjern Aug 29 Hauschka
Bomba Titinka Gjern Aug 31 Bomba Titinka
Singvogel Gjern Aug 31 Singvogel, Singvogel
Festugekoncert Gjern Aug 31 Festugekoncert
Queen Machine Gjern Aug 31 Queen Machine
TV-2 Gjern Sep 01 TV-2
Rosenhill Gjern Sep 01 Rosenhill