Gillespie, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
LUCA (US) Gillespie Oct 20 LUCA (US)
Jarrell Gillespie Oct 20 Jarrell
Down they fall Gillespie Oct 20 Down they fall
Eric Burgett Gillespie Oct 20 Eric Burgett
The Joshua Stanley Band Gillespie Oct 21 The Joshua Stanley Band
NewSong Gillespie Oct 21 NewSong
The Joshua Stanley Band Gillespie Oct 28 The Joshua Stanley Band
Maile Mills Gillespie Oct 31 Maile Mills, Maile Mills
The Great Romance Gillespie Nov 04 The Great Romance
Borderline (St. Louis) Gillespie Nov 04 Borderline (St. Louis)
Maile Mills Gillespie Nov 11 Maile Mills, Maile Mills
Broseph E. Lee Gillespie Nov 11 Broseph E. Lee
Ben Everson Music Gillespie Nov 12 Ben Everson Music, Ben Everson Music Missions
The Thirsting Gillespie Nov 12 The Thirsting
Dolly Spartans Gillespie Nov 12 Dolly Spartans, Top Nachos
The Thirsting Gillespie Nov 13 The Thirsting
Bryan White Gillespie Nov 17 Bryan White
Borderline (St. Louis) Gillespie Nov 18 Borderline (St. Louis)
Journeyman - A Tribute to Eric Clapton Gillespie Nov 22 Journeyman - A Tribute to Eric Clapton
Borderline (St. Louis) Gillespie Nov 25 Borderline (St. Louis), Billy Hurst, Borderline (St. Louis) and 2 more...