Gera, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Gera

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Uppertones Gera Sep 22 The Uppertones
Lambert Gera Sep 22 Lambert
Adjiri Odametey Afrikanische Weltmusik Gera Sep 22 Adjiri Odametey Afrikanische Weltmusik
Claymore Gera Sep 22 Claymore
Camea Gera Sep 22 Camea
Fabian Farell Gera Sep 22 Fabian Farell
Steven B. Gera Sep 23 Steven B.
GOLD Gera Sep 23 GOLD
Cowboy Bob And Trailer Trash Gera Sep 23 Cowboy Bob And Trailer Trash, Sidebürns, Fisted Mister and 1 more...
Sidebürns Gera Sep 23 Sidebürns
Her (USA) Gera Sep 23 Her (USA)
Mr.Feelgood Gera Sep 23 Mr.Feelgood
Monkey Under Lions Gera Sep 23 Monkey Under Lions
Esben and the Witch Gera Sep 23 Esben and the Witch
42Radar Gera Sep 23 42Radar
Meinton Gera Sep 23 Meinton
9to5 Gera Sep 23 9to5
Sierra Noble Gera Sep 23 Sierra Noble
Mercedes Fashion Night Gera Sep 23 Mercedes Fashion Night