Frostproof, FL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Frostproof

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Cliff Worship Frostproof Sep 23 Cliff Worship
Justino Zoppe Frostproof Sep 23 Justino Zoppe
RJ HOWSON Frostproof Sep 30 RJ HOWSON
Rusty & Laurie Wright Frostproof Oct 06 Rusty & Laurie Wright
The Godchild Frostproof Oct 11 The Godchild
Kaleigh Baker Frostproof Oct 14 Kaleigh Baker
Selwyn Birchwood Band Frostproof Oct 14 Selwyn Birchwood Band
Kelley James Frostproof Oct 24 Kelley James
Hecate's Wheel Frostproof Oct 27 Hecate's Wheel
Hecate's Wheel Frostproof Oct 28 Hecate's Wheel
Perfect Pitch Band Frostproof Oct 28 Perfect Pitch Band, Perfect Pitch Band
Slave to a Name Frostproof Oct 28 Slave to a Name
2nd Veil Frostproof Oct 29 2nd Veil
Shattered Frostproof Nov 04 Shattered, Lineage, Death Incarnate and 2 more...
Aurorae Frostproof Nov 04 Aurorae, Shattered, Lineage and 3 more...
Manic Drive Frostproof Nov 04 Manic Drive
V. Rose Frostproof Nov 04 V. Rose
Spec Frostproof Nov 04 Spec
Shonlock Frostproof Nov 04 Shonlock
Rusty & Laurie Wright Frostproof Nov 10 Rusty & Laurie Wright