Fine, NY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Driven11 Fine Sep 22 Driven11
Egypt Speaks Fine Sep 29 Egypt Speaks, Driven 11, Egypt Speaks
Aqueous Fine Sep 30 Aqueous
Harpeth Rising Fine Oct 21 Harpeth Rising
Hayley Jane and the Primates Fine Oct 21 Hayley Jane and the Primates
~Dragnfly~ Fine Oct 21 ~Dragnfly~
Gang of Thieves Fine Oct 27 Gang of Thieves
Six Days (US) Fine Oct 28 Six Days (US)
Great Blue Fine Nov 02 Great Blue
Six Days (US) Fine Nov 04 Six Days (US)
Strange Machines Fine Nov 11 Strange Machines
J & D Band Fine Nov 22 J & D Band
After Funk Fine Nov 30 After Funk
Six Days (US) Fine Dec 02 Six Days (US)
Brothers McClurg Fine Dec 06 Brothers McClurg
Sue Fine Dec 06 Sue
Adam Fine Dec 06 Adam
Six Days (US) Fine Dec 31 Six Days (US)
Roots Of Creation Fine Apr 12, 2018 Roots Of Creation