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Date Lineup Venue
Overtime Filer Oct 25 Overtime
Eric May Music Filer Oct 26 Eric May Music
Eric May Music Filer Oct 27 Eric May Music
God Sqwad Records Filer Oct 28 God Sqwad Records, R.E.F, Jovi Harp and 3 more...
R.E.F Filer Oct 28 R.E.F, Jovi Harp, God Sqwad and 3 more...
Lyricidal - aka Psalm Filer Oct 28 Lyricidal - aka Psalm, Psalm, R.E.F. and 1 more...
Eric May Music Filer Oct 28 Eric May Music
Pacifico Filer Oct 30 Pacifico, Pacifico
Butcher Babies Filer Nov 03 Butcher Babies, Mindspank, Inhuman Wrath and 1 more...
The Quebe Sisters Filer Nov 08 The Quebe Sisters
Eric May Music Filer Nov 09 Eric May Music
Liberty Quartet Filer Nov 11 Liberty Quartet
Scarlet Canary Filer Nov 11 Scarlet Canary
Best 303 Sounds Filer Nov 11 Best 303 Sounds, Scarlet Canary
Upon A Burning Body Filer Nov 15 Upon A Burning Body
Walking Corpse Syndrome Filer Nov 15 Walking Corpse Syndrome
Slaughter To Prevail Filer Nov 15 Slaughter To Prevail
Suicide Silence Filer Nov 15 Suicide Silence
Eric May Music Filer Nov 18 Eric May Music