Feltre, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Cadence Please Feltre Sep 27 Cadence Please
Speed Stroke Feltre Sep 29 Speed Stroke, Reckless
Damien Mcfly Feltre Sep 29 Damien Mcfly
Bakame trio Feltre Sep 30 Bakame trio
X-Filia Feltre Sep 30 X-Filia, Evome, Endemic and 4 more...
I video Feltre Sep 30 I video
Damien Mcfly Feltre Sep 30 Damien Mcfly
Michael Feiner Feltre Sep 30 Michael Feiner
House of Broken Promises Feltre Oct 02 House of Broken Promises, House of Broken Promises, black bone
Aruan Ortiz Feltre Oct 04 Aruan Ortiz, Aruan Ortiz, John Hebert and 1 more...
Luciano Ligabue Feltre Oct 05 Luciano Ligabue
Accordi Disaccordi Feltre Oct 05 Accordi Disaccordi
Virtual Time Feltre Oct 05 Virtual Time, ekko park
Andrea Ramolo Feltre Oct 06 Andrea Ramolo
Hit-Kunle Feltre Oct 06 Hit-Kunle, Drimer
ÜBERMENSCH (Rammstein Tribute Band) Feltre Oct 06 ÜBERMENSCH (Rammstein Tribute Band)
Damien Mcfly Feltre Oct 06 Damien Mcfly
Gilo Feltre Oct 06 Gilo
Matteo Magni Feltre Oct 06 Matteo Magni
Max Pezzali Tribute Feltre Oct 06 Max Pezzali Tribute