Farina, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Farina

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Feudin' Hillbillys Farina Sep 22 Feudin' Hillbillys
Gary Allan Farina Sep 28 Gary Allan
Brandon Maddox Farina Sep 29 Brandon Maddox
Feudin' Hillbillys Farina Sep 30 Feudin' Hillbillys
DJ Teebot Farina Sep 30 DJ Teebot, DJ Teebot, Dj Pound
Kevin Honeycutt Farina Oct 06 Kevin Honeycutt
Robert Montgomery Farina Oct 06 Robert Montgomery, David Davis and his Warrior River Boys
Iluminate Farina Oct 06 Iluminate
The Po' Ramblin' Boys Farina Oct 06 The Po' Ramblin' Boys
Chain Station Farina Oct 07 Chain Station
The Po' Ramblin' Boys Farina Oct 08 The Po' Ramblin' Boys
Family Force 5 Farina Oct 08 Family Force 5
Greg Klyma Farina Oct 21 Greg Klyma, Bill Poss
Sammy Kershaw Farina Oct 21 Sammy Kershaw
Warrant Farina Oct 27 Warrant
Grays Divide Farina Nov 03 Grays Divide
Feudin' Hillbillys Farina Nov 03 Feudin' Hillbillys
EmiSunshine Farina Nov 04 EmiSunshine
The Rain Farina Nov 04 The Rain
Scotty McCreery Farina Nov 10 Scotty McCreery