Faenza, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Faenza

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
SounDido Faenza Nov 25 SounDido
Prospective Faenza Nov 25 Prospective
Falafel Fazz Familia 3.0 Faenza Nov 25 Falafel Fazz Familia 3.0
Last Kiss Tributo ai Pearl Jam Faenza Nov 25 Last Kiss Tributo ai Pearl Jam
The Prototypes Faenza Nov 25 The Prototypes
Hallucinator Faenza Nov 25 Hallucinator
Sequoyah Tiger Faenza Nov 25 Sequoyah Tiger
Enzo Siragusa Faenza Nov 25 Enzo Siragusa
matteo vanti  Faenza Nov 25 matteo vanti
IDM_International Drum'n'Bass Meeting Faenza Nov 25 IDM_International Drum'n'Bass Meeting
Neja Faenza Nov 25 Neja
Buzzy Lao Faenza Nov 26 Buzzy Lao
Vinicio Capossela Faenza Nov 29 Vinicio Capossela
Kaos IndiA Faenza Nov 30 Kaos IndiA
Antonio Piretti TOZ Faenza Nov 30 Antonio Piretti TOZ
Ben Arnold Faenza Dec 01 Ben Arnold
Jeffrey Gaines Faenza Dec 01 Jeffrey Gaines
Falafel Fazz Familia 3.0 Faenza Dec 01 Falafel Fazz Familia 3.0
No Fun At All Faenza Dec 01 No Fun At All
Flavio Deff Faenza Dec 01 Flavio Deff