Emporia, KS
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Emporia

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Dark Rooms Emporia Sep 23 Dark Rooms
Just Passin Through Emporia Sep 23 Just Passin Through
Bryton Stoll Music Emporia Sep 30 Bryton Stoll Music, Bryton Stoll
Bryton Stoll Music Emporia Sep 30 Bryton Stoll Music, The Bryton Stoll Band
Master's Voice Emporia Oct 01 Master's Voice
The Haining Family Emporia Oct 08 The Haining Family
Logan Mize Emporia Oct 14 Logan Mize
Just Passin Through Emporia Oct 14 Just Passin Through
VersaEmerge El Salvador Emporia Oct 22 VersaEmerge El Salvador
Paul Nelson Emporia Oct 27 Paul Nelson
Alex McAleer Emporia Oct 28 Alex McAleer
Jonathan MitchellBand Emporia Oct 28 Jonathan MitchellBand
Matt Mason Emporia Nov 03 Matt Mason
VersaEmerge El Salvador Emporia Nov 04 VersaEmerge El Salvador
Tracy Lawrence Emporia Nov 04 Tracy Lawrence
Mikey Needleman Band Emporia Nov 11 Mikey Needleman Band
Just Passin Through Emporia Nov 11 Just Passin Through
TJ Broscoff Emporia Nov 25 TJ Broscoff
LeAnn Rimes Emporia Dec 16 LeAnn Rimes