Emory, TX
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Nate Kipp Emory Sep 22 Nate Kipp
Tony Ramey Emory Sep 22 Tony Ramey
Sarah Hobbs Emory Sep 22 Sarah Hobbs
Matt Dunn Emory Sep 22 Matt Dunn
Cody Wayne Emory Sep 23 Cody Wayne
WhiskeyHat Emory Sep 23 WhiskeyHat
Twisted Whisky Emory Sep 23 Twisted Whisky
Rafael Espinoza Emory Sep 23 Rafael Espinoza, Rafael Espinoza, Rafael Espinoza and The Rockabilly Railroad
Zane Williams Emory Sep 23 Zane Williams
Hudson Moore Emory Sep 24 Hudson Moore
Jeremy McComb Emory Sep 24 Jeremy McComb, Rick Huckaby
Luke Pell Emory Sep 24 Luke Pell, Hudson Moore
Julie Roberts Emory Sep 24 Julie Roberts
John Randolph Ministries Emory Sep 26 John Randolph Ministries
Cole Risner Music Emory Sep 26 Cole Risner Music
Cody Wayne Emory Sep 27 Cody Wayne
Cody Wayne Band Emory Sep 27 Cody Wayne Band
Restless Heart Emory Sep 29 Restless Heart
The O's Emory Sep 29 The O's
The Kid Icarus Project Emory Sep 29 The Kid Icarus Project