Emmetsburg, IA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Emmetsburg

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
King Of The Tramps Emmetsburg Nov 25 King Of The Tramps
Chad Elliott Emmetsburg Nov 26 Chad Elliott
Paul Potts Emmetsburg Dec 05 Paul Potts
The Anchor Emmetsburg Dec 09 The Anchor
Best 303 Sounds Emmetsburg Dec 09 Best 303 Sounds, Scarlet Canary
Scarlet Canary Emmetsburg Dec 09 Scarlet Canary
Calling Grace Emmetsburg Dec 09 Calling Grace, Calling Grace, Common Choir and 1 more...
Chris August Emmetsburg Dec 17 Chris August, Jason Gray, Chris August and 1 more...
Jason Gray Emmetsburg Dec 17 Jason Gray
In Hearts Wake Emmetsburg Jan 21, 2018 In Hearts Wake, Young Lions, Stepson and 1 more...
Casey Muessigmann Emmetsburg Jan 26, 2018 Casey Muessigmann
Jeremy McComb Emmetsburg Jan 26, 2018 Jeremy McComb
The MTVs Emmetsburg Jan 26, 2018 The MTVs
Jeremy McComb Emmetsburg Jan 27, 2018 Jeremy McComb
Adairs Run Emmetsburg Jan 27, 2018 Adairs Run
The MTVs Emmetsburg Jan 27, 2018 The MTVs
Bonray Emmetsburg Jan 31, 2018 Bonray
Justin Roberts Emmetsburg Feb 17, 2018 Justin Roberts
Steffen Brandt Emmetsburg Feb 25, 2018 Steffen Brandt
Jeremy McComb Emmetsburg May 26, 2018 Jeremy McComb, Sack of Lions, Pony Creek