Elora, Canada
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Chantal Preston Elora Aug 17 Chantal Preston
Vienna D'Amato Hall Elora Aug 17 Vienna D'Amato Hall, Vienna D'Amato Hall
Lost in Japan Elora Aug 17 Lost in Japan, Fxrrvst, Nolan Hubbard
Fxrrvst Elora Aug 17 Fxrrvst, Lost in Japan, Nolan Hubbard
Odd Years Elora Aug 18 Odd Years
Riverfest Elora 2017 Elora Aug 18 Riverfest Elora 2017
Monster Truck Elora Aug 18 Monster Truck
Mother Mother Elora Aug 18 Mother Mother
kflay Elora Aug 18 kflay
Sloan Elora Aug 18 Sloan
DJ Jazzy Jeff Elora Aug 18 DJ Jazzy Jeff
The Darcys Elora Aug 18 The Darcys
Hannah Georgas Elora Aug 18 Hannah Georgas
Jenn Grant Elora Aug 18 Jenn Grant
Pocket Dwellers Elora Aug 18 Pocket Dwellers
Samito Elora Aug 18 Samito
The Boo Radley Project Elora Aug 18 The Boo Radley Project, MGMT, Monster Truck and 14 more...
The Grand River Ram Rodeo Elora Aug 18 The Grand River Ram Rodeo
Odium Elora Aug 18 Odium