Eichstatt, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Danny Dee Eichstatt Sep 26 Danny Dee
advena Eichstatt Sep 29 advena, Dark Indication, Prophets of Pain
AppleSky Eichstatt Sep 29 AppleSky
Inhale Insanity Eichstatt Sep 29 Inhale Insanity
Houseflug MS Altmühlsee Eichstatt Sep 30 Houseflug MS Altmühlsee
w Peter Invasion Eichstatt Sep 30 w Peter Invasion
Rumble in the Jungle - RitJ Eichstatt Sep 30 Rumble in the Jungle - RitJ
Yasmin Hofer (aka Yasi) Eichstatt Sep 30 Yasmin Hofer (aka Yasi), Yasi Hofer Trio
Yasi Hofer & Band Eichstatt Sep 30 Yasi Hofer & Band
Adam Rafferty Eichstatt Oct 02 Adam Rafferty, Johannes Tonio Kreusch, Carlos Barbosa Lima and 1 more...
Kyrie Kristmanson Eichstatt Oct 03 Kyrie Kristmanson
Danny Dee Eichstatt Oct 03 Danny Dee
The Sinking Teeth Eichstatt Oct 05 The Sinking Teeth, Forever Unclean
Well Brüder aus´m Biermoos Eichstatt Oct 05 Well Brüder aus´m Biermoos
Paul Clayton Eichstatt Oct 06 Paul Clayton
ALSO AM I Eichstatt Oct 06 ALSO AM I
G-Point Eichstatt Oct 06 G-Point
Von Wegen Lisbeth Eichstatt Oct 06 Von Wegen Lisbeth
AXEperience Eichstatt Oct 06 AXEperience, AXEperience
LaBrassBanda Eichstatt Oct 07 LaBrassBanda, LaBrassBanda