Eganville, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
David Neil Campbell Eganville Aug 25 David Neil Campbell
Shane Cook Eganville Sep 01 Shane Cook
The RockPhiles Eganville Sep 02 The RockPhiles, The RockPhiles
Searson Eganville Sep 02 Searson, Searson, erin searson
River Town Saints Eganville Sep 08 River Town Saints
Julie Corrigan Eganville Sep 10 Julie Corrigan
Lloyd Spiegel Music Eganville Sep 10 Lloyd Spiegel Music
Danah-Lee Eganville Sep 16 Danah-Lee, David Campbell
Mike Biggar Eganville Sep 16 Mike Biggar
David Neil Campbell Eganville Sep 16 David Neil Campbell
Jessica Mitchell Music Eganville Sep 17 Jessica Mitchell Music
Meghan Patrick Eganville Sep 17 Meghan Patrick
Seven Snakes Eganville Sep 25 Seven Snakes
ian sherwood Eganville Sep 28 ian sherwood
Dean Batstone in Renfrew Eganville Sep 28 Dean Batstone in Renfrew
The Abrams Eganville Sep 30 The Abrams
Change of Step in Dacre Eganville Sep 30 Change of Step in Dacre
Ashley MacIsaac in Dacre Eganville Sep 30 Ashley MacIsaac in Dacre
Nicole Coward Musician Eganville Oct 14 Nicole Coward Musician
Nicole Coward Musician Eganville Nov 11 Nicole Coward Musician