Edgewood, IA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Edgewood

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Jake McVey Edgewood Sep 21 Jake McVey
The Laid Back Band Edgewood Sep 23 The Laid Back Band
Dallas Moore Edgewood Sep 24 Dallas Moore
Dave Tamkin Edgewood Sep 28 Dave Tamkin
Moccasin Creek Edgewood Sep 29 Moccasin Creek
The Drama Kings Edgewood Sep 29 The Drama Kings
Cedar County Cobras Edgewood Oct 07 Cedar County Cobras
Swearingen and Kelli Edgewood Oct 13 Swearingen and Kelli
Luke Callen Edgewood Oct 13 Luke Callen
Swearingen and Kelli Edgewood Oct 15 Swearingen and Kelli
Smokin' Guns Edgewood Oct 20 Smokin' Guns, Smokin' Guns
The Way Down Wanderers Edgewood Oct 21 The Way Down Wanderers
The Drama Kings Edgewood Oct 21 The Drama Kings, Drama Kings
Justin Wells Edgewood Oct 29 Justin Wells
Smokin' Guns Edgewood Nov 04 Smokin' Guns, Smoikin' Guns
The Banshee Brothers Edgewood Nov 04 The Banshee Brothers, The Banshee Brothers
Trixy Tang Edgewood Nov 11 Trixy Tang
Adam Keith Edgewood Nov 11 Adam Keith
Smokin' Guns Edgewood Nov 11 Smokin' Guns, Smokin' Guns
Smokin' Guns Edgewood Nov 18 Smokin' Guns, Smokin' Guns