Edgefield, SC
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Edgefield

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Celia Gary Edgefield Nov 24 Celia Gary
Music of Alex Davis Edgefield Nov 24 Music of Alex Davis
Anybody's Guess Edgefield Nov 24 Anybody's Guess
Crane Edgefield Nov 24 Crane
JazzSoireeAugusta at Soiree Edgefield Nov 25 JazzSoireeAugusta at Soiree
Billy Creason And The Dam-fi-no Band Edgefield Nov 25 Billy Creason And The Dam-fi-no Band
theSurrendering Edgefield Nov 26 theSurrendering
Soiree Sunday Edgefield Nov 26 Soiree Sunday
Jordan Deshong Edgefield Nov 26 Jordan Deshong
Atl DreamVision Edgefield Nov 26 Atl DreamVision
Futurebirds Edgefield Dec 01 Futurebirds
O.D.D. (US) Edgefield Dec 01 O.D.D. (US)
The Hoppers Edgefield Dec 01 The Hoppers
Corey Cox Edgefield Dec 01 Corey Cox
Celia Gary Edgefield Dec 01 Celia Gary, Shaun Piazza, Futurebirds
Corey Cox Edgefield Dec 02 Corey Cox
David Phelps Edgefield Dec 03 David Phelps
Ballet Magnificat! Edgefield Dec 05 Ballet Magnificat!
The McMillans Edgefield Dec 05 The McMillans
Richard Marx Edgefield Dec 06 Richard Marx