Eagle, CO
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Austin's Rose Eagle Sep 23 Austin's Rose
Bonfire Dub Eagle Sep 23 Bonfire Dub
Austin's Rose Eagle Sep 23 Austin's Rose
Comedian Troy Walker Eagle Sep 23 Comedian Troy Walker
Anders Osborne Eagle Sep 23 Anders Osborne, Bonfire Dub
MarchFourth Eagle Sep 23 MarchFourth
Next 2 the Tracks Eagle Sep 23 Next 2 the Tracks
Austin's Rose Eagle Sep 24 Austin's Rose
Let Them Roar Eagle Sep 24 Let Them Roar, http://rebeccafolsom.com/
The Don Juans Eagle Sep 25 The Don Juans
Don Henry Eagle Sep 25 Don Henry
Jon Vezner Eagle Sep 25 Jon Vezner
Tom Paxton Eagle Sep 25 Tom Paxton, Tom Paxton & The Don Juans, Don Henry and 1 more...
Five Easy Pieces Eagle Sep 26 Five Easy Pieces
Austin's Rose Eagle Sep 27 Austin's Rose
Austin's Rose Eagle Sep 28 Austin's Rose
Danny Golden Eagle Sep 28 Danny Golden, Danny Golden
Austin's Rose Eagle Sep 29 Austin's Rose
Bonfire Dub Eagle Sep 29 Bonfire Dub
Kevin Paris Eagle Sep 29 Kevin Paris