Durham, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Durham

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Shawn William Clarke Durham Aug 25 Shawn William Clarke, Abigail Lapell
Bobby Wills Durham Aug 26 Bobby Wills
Joey DePaiva Music Durham Aug 26 Joey DePaiva Music, Joey DePaiva Music, James Cameron
Pat Robitaille Durham Aug 26 Pat Robitaille, The Sleeperz, Pat Robitaille Band
Dean James Durham Aug 26 Dean James
Snakebite Durham Aug 26 Snakebite
Scotty Kipfer Durham Aug 26 Scotty Kipfer
Scotty Kipfer Durham Aug 27 Scotty Kipfer
Scotty Kipfer Durham Aug 30 Scotty Kipfer
Ty Baynton Durham Aug 31 Ty Baynton
Torque Hound Durham Sep 01 Torque Hound
Dobroslet Festival Durham Sep 02 Dobroslet Festival
Nicole Coward Musician Durham Sep 02 Nicole Coward Musician
Scotty Kipfer Durham Sep 02 Scotty Kipfer
Goodnight, Sunrise Durham Sep 02 Goodnight, Sunrise
The Elwins Durham Sep 03 The Elwins
Scotty Kipfer Durham Sep 04 Scotty Kipfer
the peptides Durham Sep 15 the peptides
Scotty Kipfer Durham Sep 16 Scotty Kipfer