Durand, IL
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kirstie Kraus Durand Sep 24 Kirstie Kraus, Thirsty Jones
Thirsty Jones Durand Sep 24 Thirsty Jones, Kirstie Kraus
Four Icons Durand Sep 24 Four Icons
Keith And Kristyn Getty Durand Sep 27 Keith And Kristyn Getty
Best 303 Sounds Durand Sep 29 Best 303 Sounds, October Rage
October Rage Durand Sep 29 October Rage, Another Lost Year
On My Six Durand Sep 29 On My Six
Another Lost Year Durand Sep 29 Another Lost Year, BLACKLITE DISTRICT
Eye of the Beholder Durand Sep 30 Eye of the Beholder
Beartooth Durand Sep 30 Beartooth
The Most of Me Durand Sep 30 The Most of Me
Thrice Durand Sep 30 Thrice
Bobaflex Durand Sep 30 Bobaflex
Joyous Wolf Durand Sep 30 Joyous Wolf
October Rage Durand Sep 30 October Rage, Stone Sour, Rise Against and 8 more...
Greta Van Fleet Durand Sep 30 Greta Van Fleet
Static Signal Durand Sep 30 Static Signal, Static Signal
Rise Against Durand Sep 30 Rise Against, Stone Sour, The Pretty Reckless
Lennox Barnett Ministries Durand Sep 30 Lennox Barnett Ministries