Dunedin, New Zealand
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Dunedin

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Black Seeds Dunedin Sep 28 The Black Seeds, KillaManRaro
Amiria Grenell and Flip Grater Dunedin Sep 29 Amiria Grenell and Flip Grater
Lawrence Arabia Dunedin Sep 29 Lawrence Arabia
An Evening Alone Dunedin Sep 29 An Evening Alone
Astro Children and Jaggers X Lines Dunedin Sep 29 Astro Children and Jaggers X Lines
Lets Boogaloo Dunedin Sep 30 Lets Boogaloo
Dunedin Symphony Orchestra Dunedin Sep 30 Dunedin Symphony Orchestra
Sandboards Dunedin Sep 30 Sandboards
Sumo Cyco Dunedin Oct 06 Sumo Cyco, devilskin
Callum Gentleman Dunedin Oct 06 Callum Gentleman
Chamber Music New Zealand Dunedin Oct 07 Chamber Music New Zealand
Sneaky Feelings Dunedin Oct 14 Sneaky Feelings
Horrible Histories Dunedin Oct 15 Horrible Histories
Die! Die! Die! Dunedin Oct 20 Die! Die! Die!
Kendall Elise Dunedin Oct 26 Kendall Elise
Nadia Reid Dunedin Oct 29 Nadia Reid
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Dunedin Nov 01 New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Lorde Dunedin Nov 07 Lorde
Dunedin Craft Beer Dunedin Nov 11 Dunedin Craft Beer
Food Festival Dunedin Nov 11 Food Festival