Dorotea, Sweden
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Emoji Movie Dorotea Aug 26 The Emoji Movie
Sagan om den lilla farbrorn Dorotea Sep 07 Sagan om den lilla farbrorn
Becker Dorotea Sep 08 Becker
Bilar 3 Dorotea Sep 09 Bilar 3
Babblarna Dorotea Sep 16 Babblarna
Blade Runner 2049 Dorotea Oct 06 Blade Runner 2049
Katarina Barruk Dorotea Oct 11 Katarina Barruk
Försvinnandet Dorotea Oct 18 Försvinnandet
Olydnad Dorotea Oct 26 Olydnad
Danslektionen Dorotea Nov 15 Danslektionen
Mads Tolling Quartett Dorotea Nov 27 Mads Tolling Quartett
Majanen Dorotea Apr 26, 2018 Majanen
Levonen Dorotea Apr 26, 2018 Levonen
Potatishandlaren Dorotea Jul 05, 2018 Potatishandlaren