Dodgeville, WI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Dodgeville

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Pines Dodgeville Sep 22 The Pines
Hannah Busse Dodgeville Sep 23 Hannah Busse
Jake McVey Dodgeville Sep 23 Jake McVey
Rockin' Johnny Burgin Dodgeville Sep 23 Rockin' Johnny Burgin
The Pines Dodgeville Sep 23 The Pines, The Pines
Jimmy Fortune Dodgeville Sep 23 Jimmy Fortune
The Untamed Band Dodgeville Sep 23 The Untamed Band
AGAPE* (Dave Scherer) Dodgeville Sep 27 AGAPE* (Dave Scherer), Joe Davis
Hadley Kennary Dodgeville Sep 29 Hadley Kennary
Robbie Fulks Dodgeville Oct 06 Robbie Fulks
Steely Dane Dodgeville Oct 07 Steely Dane
Feralcats Dodgeville Oct 08 Feralcats, Doug Ross, Kris Rugland and 2 more...
The Feralcats Dodgeville Oct 08 The Feralcats
Kivi & Pray Dodgeville Oct 14 Kivi & Pray, Point Five
Point Five Dodgeville Oct 14 Point Five
Kivi  Pray Dodgeville Oct 14 Kivi Pray
Concert  Polka Dance Dodgeville Oct 14 Concert Polka Dance
You Knew Me When Dodgeville Oct 18 You Knew Me When
DALC Fundraiser Pieta Brown Dodgeville Oct 21 DALC Fundraiser Pieta Brown
Kerosene Kites  Marc Croft Dodgeville Oct 21 Kerosene Kites Marc Croft