Dexter, ME
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Dexter

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Stesha Cano Music Dexter Sep 27 Stesha Cano Music, Stesha Cano Music
Scarlet Canary Dexter Sep 27 Scarlet Canary
Best 303 Sounds Dexter Sep 27 Best 303 Sounds, Scarlet Canary
Double Entendre Dexter Sep 30 Double Entendre
Jeff Steinberg Ministry Team Dexter Oct 01 Jeff Steinberg Ministry Team, Jeff Steinberg
Rev RC Dexter Oct 06 Rev RC
Somerset Family Arts Festival Dexter Oct 07 Somerset Family Arts Festival
Calico The Band Dexter Oct 11 Calico The Band
Hempirical Catastrophe Dexter Oct 13 Hempirical Catastrophe
Nathan Hackworth Music Dexter Oct 13 Nathan Hackworth Music
Central Maine Roller Derby Dexter Oct 14 Central Maine Roller Derby
The 5th Dimension Dexter Oct 14 The 5th Dimension
Gracie Theatre BSB Season Package 2017-2018 Dexter Oct 14 Gracie Theatre BSB Season Package 2017-2018
Bangor Uncorked Dexter Oct 21 Bangor Uncorked
Carrollton Band Dexter Oct 26 Carrollton Band, Hannah Kerr
Carrollton Dexter Oct 26 Carrollton
Hannah Kerr Dexter Oct 26 Hannah Kerr
Clockwork Mysteries Dexter Oct 27 Clockwork Mysteries
Maine Harvest Festival Dexter Nov 11 Maine Harvest Festival
Childsplay Dexter Nov 17 Childsplay