Defiance, OH
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Defiance

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
TJ Gabet Band Defiance Oct 27 TJ Gabet Band
The Isaacs Defiance Oct 28 The Isaacs
Martin Koop Defiance Oct 28 Martin Koop, Martin Koop
Martin Koop Defiance Nov 03 Martin Koop
Brian Keith Wallen Defiance Nov 10 Brian Keith Wallen
Big Daddy Weave Defiance Nov 10 Big Daddy Weave, We Are Messengers, Micah Tyler
We Are Messengers Defiance Nov 10 We Are Messengers, Big Daddy Weave, We Are Messengers
Micah Tyler Defiance Nov 10 Micah Tyler, Big Daddy Weave, We Are Messengers
Shifferly Road Band Defiance Nov 11 Shifferly Road Band
Marsha Brady Defiance Nov 11 Marsha Brady
Valor Band Defiance Nov 11 Valor Band
The Quebe Sisters Defiance Nov 14 The Quebe Sisters
Innervision Defiance Nov 16 Innervision
Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator Defiance Nov 18 Chris Shepard, Drum Set Operator
Ryan Broshear Defiance Nov 19 Ryan Broshear
Phil Vassar Defiance Nov 25 Phil Vassar
Christopher Salyer - music Defiance Nov 30 Christopher Salyer - music
90 Proof Twang Defiance Dec 02 90 Proof Twang
Brian Keith Wallen Defiance Dec 29 Brian Keith Wallen
TJ Gabet Band Defiance Dec 30 TJ Gabet Band