De Soto, MO
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near De Soto

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Coax De Soto Sep 25 The Coax
High Waisted De Soto Sep 25 High Waisted
Sister Wizzard De Soto Sep 25 Sister Wizzard
Big Tobacco De Soto Sep 26 Big Tobacco
The Crusader's Ministries De Soto Sep 28 The Crusader's Ministries
Michael James Mette De Soto Sep 29 Michael James Mette
Clint Black De Soto Sep 29 Clint Black
Mom De Soto Sep 29 Mom
G.N.A.T. De Soto Sep 29 G.N.A.T.
Weeping Icon De Soto Sep 29 Weeping Icon
Rachel Lipsky De Soto Sep 30 Rachel Lipsky
Indelible Grace De Soto Sep 30 Indelible Grace
Matthew Smith De Soto Sep 30 Matthew Smith, Matthew Will Also Give A Seminar On Hymns At 5 PM.
DJ Chris Ward De Soto Sep 30 DJ Chris Ward
A.J Young & The Outfit De Soto Sep 30 A.J Young & The Outfit
Michael James Mette De Soto Oct 01 Michael James Mette
Grace Kelly De Soto Oct 02 Grace Kelly
Slow Caves De Soto Oct 02 Slow Caves, Orphan Welles, Comrade Catbox
Kid Dead De Soto Oct 03 Kid Dead
Mud Racing Association Scarecrow Nationals De Soto Oct 06 Mud Racing Association Scarecrow Nationals