Crisfield, MD
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Los Morros del Norte Crisfield Sep 23 Los Morros del Norte
The Church Sisters Crisfield Sep 26 The Church Sisters
Meredith Rounsley Crisfield Sep 29 Meredith Rounsley, Meredith Rounsley
BarCodebandde Crisfield Sep 30 BarCodebandde
Meredith Rounsley Crisfield Sep 30 Meredith Rounsley, Meredith Rounsley
THOMAS VDB dans Crisfield Sep 30 THOMAS VDB dans
Noman Hosni Crisfield Sep 30 Noman Hosni
Charlie and The CoolTones Crisfield Oct 07 Charlie and The CoolTones
Eli Lev Music Crisfield Oct 07 Eli Lev Music
Casting Crowns Crisfield Oct 08 Casting Crowns, Zach Williams
Zach Williams Crisfield Oct 08 Zach Williams, Casting Crowns
Meredith Rounsley Crisfield Oct 10 Meredith Rounsley
Sub-Radio Crisfield Oct 14 Sub-Radio
Meredith Rounsley Crisfield Oct 14 Meredith Rounsley, Package Deal Duo
Jon Pheasant Crisfield Oct 19 Jon Pheasant
Bumpin Uglies Crisfield Oct 27 Bumpin Uglies
Davy Knowles Crisfield Oct 29 Davy Knowles
BENH Crisfield Oct 30 BENH
Meredith Rounsley Crisfield Nov 04 Meredith Rounsley, Meredith Rounsley
Jon Pheasant Crisfield Nov 10 Jon Pheasant