Concord, NC
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Concord

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kate Lee  Concord Nov 30 Kate Lee
$uicideboy$ Concord Nov 30 $uicideboy$
Chamomile and Whiskey Concord Nov 30 Chamomile and Whiskey
Scotty Cram Concord Nov 30 Scotty Cram
Jordan Kirk Concord Nov 30 Jordan Kirk
Trismalux Concord Nov 30 Trismalux
Solemn Shapes Concord Nov 30 Solemn Shapes
The Whiskey Predicament Concord Nov 30 The Whiskey Predicament
Tommy Trull Concord Nov 30 Tommy Trull
LE BANG Concord Nov 30 LE BANG
RevelWood Mission Concord Dec 01 RevelWood Mission
Alfred Sergel IV Concord Dec 01 Alfred Sergel IV
John Sullivan & friends Concord Dec 01 John Sullivan & friends
Jackson Howard Music Concord Dec 01 Jackson Howard Music
Devin Dawson Concord Dec 01 Devin Dawson
Michael Ray Concord Dec 01 Michael Ray, Devin Dawson
Bumpin Uglies Concord Dec 01 Bumpin Uglies
Don Herbert Solo Concord Dec 01 Don Herbert Solo, Don Herbert
The Dirty Soul Revival Concord Dec 01 The Dirty Soul Revival
Tim McNary Concord Dec 01 Tim McNary