Colusa, CA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Colusa

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Amanda Gray Colusa Sep 29 Amanda Gray
The Ellusive Fur's Colusa Sep 29 The Ellusive Fur's, Toryn Green
Inside Strait Colusa Oct 06 Inside Strait
Buddy Jewell Colusa Oct 14 Buddy Jewell, Lisa Daggs, Chuck Day
Lisa Daggs Colusa Oct 14 Lisa Daggs
Chuck Day Colusa Oct 14 Chuck Day
Christian Davis Music Colusa Oct 14 Christian Davis Music
Cardboard Boys Colusa Oct 14 Cardboard Boys
Inside Strait Colusa Oct 14 Inside Strait
Amanda Gray Colusa Oct 17 Amanda Gray
MC Yogi Colusa Oct 19 MC Yogi
Amanda Gray Colusa Oct 20 Amanda Gray
Josh Snodgrass Colusa Oct 26 Josh Snodgrass
Amanda Gray Colusa Nov 03 Amanda Gray
Reunion ~ A Tribute to the 70's Colusa Nov 03 Reunion ~ A Tribute to the 70's
Amanda Gray Colusa Nov 04 Amanda Gray
Amanda Gray Colusa Nov 14 Amanda Gray
Amanda Gray Colusa Nov 17 Amanda Gray
Joseph Habedank Colusa Feb 22, 2018 Joseph Habedank, The Erwins