Columbus, IN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Columbus

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Dustin Huff Columbus Nov 17 Dustin Huff
Desiring Dead Flesh Columbus Nov 18 Desiring Dead Flesh
John Crist Columbus Nov 19 John Crist
Nichole Nordeman Columbus Nov 19 Nichole Nordeman, Sheila Walsh, Nichole Nordeman
James Dupré Columbus Nov 22 James Dupré
Midnight Noon Music Columbus Nov 22 Midnight Noon Music
Phase II Columbus Nov 22 Phase II
Logan Ramp Guitarist Columbus Nov 22 Logan Ramp Guitarist
The Punches Family Columbus Nov 24 The Punches Family
Etta May Columbus Nov 25 Etta May, Karen Mills, Sonya White
Southern Fried Chicks Columbus Nov 25 Southern Fried Chicks
Karen Mills Columbus Nov 25 Karen Mills
Loud Mountains Columbus Nov 25 Loud Mountains
The Cornfield Mafia Columbus Nov 25 The Cornfield Mafia
Mike Zabrin's Funktastic Columbus Nov 25 Mike Zabrin's Funktastic
The Walker band Columbus Dec 02 The Walker band, The Walker band
9 to 44 Columbus Dec 02 9 to 44
The Cornfield Mafia Columbus Dec 02 The Cornfield Mafia
Shaun Abbott Columbus Dec 02 Shaun Abbott