Chiari, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Chiari

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The End Men Chiari Sep 21 The End Men
Cristiano Contin Chiari Sep 22 Cristiano Contin
Book'n'Roll Concerti Chiari Sep 22 Book'n'Roll Concerti
Dave (DJ) Chiari Sep 22 Dave (DJ)
TIME OUT - Tribute Band Max Pezzali & 883 Chiari Sep 22 TIME OUT - Tribute Band Max Pezzali & 883
Manuela Doriani Chiari Sep 22 Manuela Doriani
Massi ISX Official Chiari Sep 22 Massi ISX Official
Methedras Chiari Sep 23 Methedras
FROM THE SHORES Chiari Sep 23 FROM THE SHORES, Eisen, 2nd Way Out
Tamburi del Crostolo Chiari Sep 23 Tamburi del Crostolo
Gold Miners Night Club Chiari Sep 23 Gold Miners Night Club
Columbia Oasis Tribute Band Chiari Sep 23 Columbia Oasis Tribute Band
New Jersey Chiari Sep 23 New Jersey
Hound Dog Rockers Chiari Sep 24 Hound Dog Rockers
Orchestra MARCO & ALICE Chiari Sep 24 Orchestra MARCO & ALICE
Edwin One Man Band Chiari Sep 24 Edwin One Man Band
Sonny Landreth and band Chiari Sep 25 Sonny Landreth and band
Quasi Grazia Chiari Sep 27 Quasi Grazia
Quasi Grazia Chiari Sep 28 Quasi Grazia