Chatham, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Chatham

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Unspoken Chatham Sep 22 Unspoken
The Color Chatham Sep 22 The Color, Unspoken, Greg Sykes
The Andrew Collins Trio Chatham Sep 23 The Andrew Collins Trio, The Andrew Collins Trio
Jaron Chatham Sep 28 Jaron
Texas King Chatham Oct 06 Texas King
Shane Cook Chatham Oct 07 Shane Cook
Joe Louis Walker Chatham Oct 14 Joe Louis Walker
The Bank Theatre Renovation Gala Chatham Oct 14 The Bank Theatre Renovation Gala
Tina Morgan Chatham Oct 14 Tina Morgan
The Big Reveal Chatham Oct 14 The Big Reveal
s g Tina Morgan A Broadway Review Chatham Oct 14 s g Tina Morgan A Broadway Review
Heather Rankin Chatham Oct 14 Heather Rankin
Hypnotist Incredible BORIS Chatham Oct 19 Hypnotist Incredible BORIS
Ashley Lynn & the Spurs Chatham Oct 21 Ashley Lynn & the Spurs
The Assorted Chatham Oct 28 The Assorted
John Wort Hannam Chatham Nov 05 John Wort Hannam
Mudmen Chatham Jan 27, 2018 Mudmen
Campbell Brothers Chatham Jan 27, 2018 Campbell Brothers
RED PLAID Productions Chatham Jan 27, 2018 RED PLAID Productions
Tom Cochrane Chatham Mar 14, 2018 Tom Cochrane