Chardon, OH
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Drew Schultz Chardon Sep 21 Drew Schultz
The Broken Habits  at Nighttown Chardon Sep 21 The Broken Habits at Nighttown
Amanda Walsh Chardon Sep 21 Amanda Walsh
Rick Szekelyi Cd Release Event  at Nighttown Chardon Sep 21 Rick Szekelyi Cd Release Event at Nighttown
The Get Up Kids Chardon Sep 21 The Get Up Kids, Pet Symmetry
Best 303 Sounds Chardon Sep 21 Best 303 Sounds, It Is Written
Maria Petti Chardon Sep 21 Maria Petti
Open Stage Soundsystem Chardon Sep 21 Open Stage Soundsystem
College Id Night Chardon Sep 21 College Id Night
The Push Stars Chardon Sep 21 The Push Stars
Dead Leaves Chardon Sep 21 Dead Leaves
Maria Petti Chardon Sep 22 Maria Petti
The Railsplitters Chardon Sep 22 The Railsplitters
Daniel Rylander Chardon Sep 22 Daniel Rylander
Cleveland's Breakfast Club Band Chardon Sep 22 Cleveland's Breakfast Club Band
JD & The Straight Shot Chardon Sep 22 JD & The Straight Shot, The Doobie Brothers
A.j. Croce  at Nighttown Chardon Sep 22 A.j. Croce at Nighttown
Dear Jimmy Band Chardon Sep 22 Dear Jimmy Band
Company Housing Chardon Sep 22 Company Housing
The Doobie Brothers Chardon Sep 22 The Doobie Brothers