Centre, AL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Centre

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Russell Gulley Centre Sep 28 Russell Gulley
Adam Searan Centre Sep 29 Adam Searan
South of Heaven Centre Sep 29 South of Heaven
The Sharps Quartet Centre Sep 30 The Sharps Quartet
Gold City Quartet Centre Sep 30 Gold City Quartet
Christian Heritage Centre Sep 30 Christian Heritage, Christian Heritage, Mercys Grace, and The Yarbroughs
The Shaneyfelt Family Centre Oct 01 The Shaneyfelt Family
Trinity River Band Centre Oct 01 Trinity River Band
Austin John Winkler Centre Oct 03 Austin John Winkler, Smile Empty Soul, Madame Mayhem
Sean Danielsen Centre Oct 03 Sean Danielsen
Madame Mayhem Centre Oct 03 Madame Mayhem
The Steppin Stones Centre Oct 06 The Steppin Stones
Kelli Johnson Music Centre Oct 07 Kelli Johnson Music
The Sharps Quartet Centre Oct 08 The Sharps Quartet
The Shaneyfelt Family Centre Oct 08 The Shaneyfelt Family
Chozen 365 Music Centre Oct 10 Chozen 365 Music
Jacksonville State Gamecocks Football Centre Oct 14 Jacksonville State Gamecocks Football
Eastern Kentucky Colonels Football Centre Oct 14 Eastern Kentucky Colonels Football
The Shadrix Centre Oct 15 The Shadrix
Aunt Betty Centre Oct 20 Aunt Betty