Castlegar, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kacy & Clayton Castlegar Sep 27 Kacy & Clayton, Shuyler Jansen
Michael Charles Castlegar Sep 27 Michael Charles
Kacy Castlegar Sep 27 Kacy
Clayton Castlegar Sep 27 Clayton
Shuyler Jansen Castlegar Sep 27 Shuyler Jansen
Delhi 2 Dublin Castlegar Sep 30 Delhi 2 Dublin
The New Pornographers Castlegar Oct 01 The New Pornographers
Born Ruffians Castlegar Oct 01 Born Ruffians
Kman and the 45's Castlegar Oct 02 Kman and the 45's
Julie Castlegar Oct 03 Julie
The Wrong Guys Castlegar Oct 03 The Wrong Guys
Vissia  Castlegar Oct 04 Vissia , Vissia , Doc Fingers
Scenic Route to Alaska Castlegar Oct 05 Scenic Route to Alaska
Agent Orange Castlegar Oct 05 Agent Orange
Flatfoot 56 Castlegar Oct 05 Flatfoot 56
Get Dead Castlegar Oct 05 Get Dead
The Royal Foundry Castlegar Oct 05 The Royal Foundry, Vissia , The Royal Foundry
Vissia  Castlegar Oct 05 Vissia , The Royal Foundry, Vissia
THE PACK A.D Castlegar Oct 06 THE PACK A.D
Oktoberfest At the Hume Hotel Castlegar Oct 07 Oktoberfest At the Hume Hotel