Carlow, Ireland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Carlow

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Quatuor Voce Carlow Nov 19 Quatuor Voce
Catch22 Carlow Nov 19 Catch22
Melissa Greener Carlow Nov 20 Melissa Greener
Quatuor Voce Carlow Nov 22 Quatuor Voce
John Blek Carlow Nov 24 John Blek
Bunoscionn Carlow Nov 24 Bunoscionn, APPO & the Disappointments
Panic Animal Carlow Nov 26 Panic Animal
Malojian Carlow Nov 27 Malojian
Ceo Experiment Carlow Nov 30 Ceo Experiment, Leopoldo Osio, Peter Erdei and 1 more...
King Kong Company Carlow Dec 01 King Kong Company
In Tua Nua Carlow Dec 02 In Tua Nua
Vladimir & Anton Carlow Dec 03 Vladimir & Anton
Anthony D'Amato Music Carlow Dec 06 Anthony D'Amato Music, Ricky Ross
Ricky Ross Carlow Dec 06 Ricky Ross
nathan carter Carlow Dec 07 nathan carter
Niall O'Sullivan - Trumpet Carlow Dec 07 Niall O'Sullivan - Trumpet
Bluemoose Carlow Dec 08 Bluemoose
Dreaming of Jupiter Carlow Dec 08 Dreaming of Jupiter
CrowBlackChicken Carlow Dec 08 CrowBlackChicken
Malojian Carlow Dec 09 Malojian