Calhoun, GA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
KAPO Calhoun Oct 21 KAPO
Rushing Wind Calhoun Oct 21 Rushing Wind, Rushing Wind, Dogpatch Arkansas and 3 more...
Bruce In the USA Calhoun Oct 21 Bruce In the USA
Backwater Still Calhoun Oct 21 Backwater Still
Rickey Thade Cole Calhoun Oct 21 Rickey Thade Cole
Mad Margritt Calhoun Oct 21 Mad Margritt
Jon Langston Calhoun Oct 21 Jon Langston
Jobe Fortner Calhoun Oct 21 Jobe Fortner
Bruce In The U.S.A. Calhoun Oct 21 Bruce In The U.S.A.
Atlanta United vs Toronto FC. Final regular season game Calhoun Oct 22 Atlanta United vs Toronto FC. Final regular season game
Donny Hammonds Calhoun Oct 24 Donny Hammonds
P.K. Gregory Music Calhoun Oct 25 P.K. Gregory Music
Donny Hammonds Calhoun Oct 25 Donny Hammonds
Undiscovered Artist  Showcase Calhoun Oct 25 Undiscovered Artist Showcase
Donny Hammonds Calhoun Oct 26 Donny Hammonds
Battle of the Bands Calhoun Oct 26 Battle of the Bands
Appointed Quartet Calhoun Oct 27 Appointed Quartet
The Madame Vega Project Calhoun Oct 27 The Madame Vega Project
The Wholigans Calhoun Oct 27 The Wholigans
Them Dirty Roses Calhoun Oct 27 Them Dirty Roses