Cagliari, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Christopher Paul Stelling Cagliari Oct 26 Christopher Paul Stelling
Franz Alice Stern Cagliari Oct 28 Franz Alice Stern
Markus Klee Cagliari Oct 28 Markus Klee
Avishai Cohen Music Cagliari Nov 01 Avishai Cohen Music
Luciano Ligabue Cagliari Nov 03 Luciano Ligabue
Buzzy Lao Cagliari Nov 04 Buzzy Lao
Luciano Ligabue Cagliari Nov 04 Luciano Ligabue
The Goddamn Gallows Cagliari Nov 10 The Goddamn Gallows
Isabel De Lorenzo Cagliari Nov 18 Isabel De Lorenzo, Isabel De Lorenzo
Vibronics Cagliari Nov 18 Vibronics
The Dictators NYC Cagliari Nov 19 The Dictators NYC
Umberto Maria Giardini Cagliari Nov 25 Umberto Maria Giardini
Low Ranger Cagliari Nov 30 Low Ranger
Hexis Cagliari Dec 01 Hexis
Low Ranger Cagliari Dec 01 Low Ranger
Train To Roots Cagliari Dec 22 Train To Roots