Buhler, KS
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Buhler

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Shawn Craver Buhler Sep 21 Shawn Craver
KO Night Boxing Buhler Sep 23 KO Night Boxing
Lil Rob Buhler Sep 23 Lil Rob
Liberty Quartet Buhler Sep 26 Liberty Quartet
Whitlee Casey Buhler Sep 29 Whitlee Casey
Artifas Buhler Sep 29 Artifas, Artifas, The Zealots
los kung fu monkeys Buhler Sep 30 los kung fu monkeys
Matt's Blues Buhler Sep 30 Matt's Blues
Pokey LaFarge Buhler Oct 01 Pokey LaFarge
Ryan Koenig Buhler Oct 01 Ryan Koenig
Hot Club of Cowtown Buhler Oct 01 Hot Club of Cowtown, Hot Club of Cowtown, Asleep at the Wheel and 2 more...
Asleep at the Wheel Buhler Oct 01 Asleep at the Wheel
Elana James Buhler Oct 01 Elana James
Whit Smith Buhler Oct 01 Whit Smith
Overtime Buhler Oct 03 Overtime
Aaron Woods Band Buhler Oct 05 Aaron Woods Band
Shawn Craver Buhler Oct 07 Shawn Craver
Amanda Fish Band Buhler Oct 07 Amanda Fish Band
Moreland & Arbuckle Buhler Oct 07 Moreland & Arbuckle
RaNdALL ConRAD! OLiNgeR Buhler Oct 12 RaNdALL ConRAD! OLiNgeR