Budelsdorf, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Guitar Heroes Festival Budelsdorf Sep 24 Guitar Heroes Festival
Georg Schroeter und Marc Breitfelder Budelsdorf Sep 24 Georg Schroeter und Marc Breitfelder, Pugsley Buzzard, Klaas Wendling and 1 more...
Gabby Young Budelsdorf Sep 24 Gabby Young
Georg Schroeter und Marc Breitfelder Budelsdorf Sep 25 Georg Schroeter und Marc Breitfelder, Daffy Deblitz, Kalle Reuter
Meinton Budelsdorf Sep 29 Meinton
Saturday's Heroes Budelsdorf Sep 29 Saturday's Heroes
Robert Carl Blank Budelsdorf Sep 29 Robert Carl Blank
Metaltörn Budelsdorf Sep 30 Metaltörn
Wolves Scream Budelsdorf Sep 30 Wolves Scream
Meinton Budelsdorf Sep 30 Meinton
mrs. greenbird Budelsdorf Oct 01 mrs. greenbird
Ruthie Foster Budelsdorf Oct 01 Ruthie Foster
The Prosecution Budelsdorf Oct 02 The Prosecution
Jaimi Faulkner Budelsdorf Oct 02 Jaimi Faulkner
Miss K8 Budelsdorf Oct 02 Miss K8
Caroline Cotter Budelsdorf Oct 03 Caroline Cotter
Michael Howard Budelsdorf Oct 03 Michael Howard
Melanie Dekker Budelsdorf Oct 04 Melanie Dekker, allan rodger, Christine Dueholm
Baltic Horse Show 2017 Budelsdorf Oct 05 Baltic Horse Show 2017