Brzeg, Poland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Jazzpospolita Brzeg Sep 20 Jazzpospolita
Bright Lights Big City Brzeg Sep 22 Bright Lights Big City, FRANÇOIS X
Sarakina Balkan Band Brzeg Sep 22 Sarakina Balkan Band
Peyo Peev Brzeg Sep 22 Peyo Peev
Emma Hewitt Brzeg Sep 22 Emma Hewitt, P.A.F.F
Dead Mind Brzeg Sep 23 Dead Mind
Sully Erna Brzeg Sep 23 Sully Erna
Today Is the Day Brzeg Sep 23 Today Is the Day
Inkwizycja Brzeg Sep 23 Inkwizycja, Fredag Den 13:e, HighRider and 1 more...
The Voice of Godsmack Brzeg Sep 23 The Voice of Godsmack
Me and That Man Brzeg Sep 24 Me and That Man
40-lecie Zespołu Pod Budą Brzeg Sep 24 40-lecie Zespołu Pod Budą
Northern Plague Brzeg Sep 24 Northern Plague
Tuur Moens Brzeg Sep 25 Tuur Moens
Lura Brzeg Sep 25 Lura
Immolation Brzeg Sep 27 Immolation
Azarath Brzeg Sep 27 Azarath
Lacerated And Carbonized Brzeg Sep 27 Lacerated And Carbonized
Jim and Sam Brzeg Sep 30 Jim and Sam