Brown City, MI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Brown City

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Colt Ford Brown City Nov 24 Colt Ford
Cash O'Riley - Ownsome Outlaw Brown City Nov 24 Cash O'Riley - Ownsome Outlaw
LMD Brown City Nov 25 LMD
Psychotic Paradise Brown City Nov 25 Psychotic Paradise
Magic in Metamora Brown City Dec 08 Magic in Metamora
A Taffeta Christmas Brown City Dec 08 A Taffeta Christmas
Gary Hoey Brown City Dec 09 Gary Hoey
A Taffeta Christmas Brown City Dec 09 A Taffeta Christmas
Tweed & Dixie Brown City Dec 09 Tweed & Dixie
A Taffeta Christmas Brown City Dec 15 A Taffeta Christmas
A Taffeta Christmas Brown City Dec 16 A Taffeta Christmas
GypsyandtheRockers Brown City Dec 31 GypsyandtheRockers
Alan Turner Brown City Jan 12, 2018 Alan Turner
Rob Little Brown City Jan 19, 2018 Rob Little
Alan Turner Brown City Feb 10, 2018 Alan Turner
Master's Promise Brown City Feb 11, 2018 Master's Promise
4 One Quartet Brown City Feb 18, 2018 4 One Quartet
Alan Turner Brown City Mar 09, 2018 Alan Turner
Alan Turner Brown City Apr 21, 2018 Alan Turner
The Talleys Brown City Apr 28, 2018 The Talleys