Brezno, Slovakia
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Søndag Brezno Sep 27 Søndag
Dan Brantigan Brezno Sep 27 Dan Brantigan
Endless Main Brezno Oct 07 Endless Main
Scarlet Aura Brezno Oct 08 Scarlet Aura
Timothy Brezno Oct 11 Timothy
Timothy Brezno Oct 12 Timothy
Adam Ďurica Brezno Oct 17 Adam Ďurica
Bon Finix Brezno Oct 20 Bon Finix
Shambolic Shrinks Brezno Oct 21 Shambolic Shrinks
IMPLORE Brezno Oct 29 IMPLORE, Gadget
Gadget Brezno Oct 29 Gadget
Sima Martausová Brezno Nov 13 Sima Martausová
Sima Martausová Brezno Nov 14 Sima Martausová
Hypnos Brezno Nov 16 Hypnos, DIRA MORTIS (POL)
Tammy & The Youniverse Brezno Nov 16 Tammy & The Youniverse
Sima Martausová Brezno Nov 24 Sima Martausová
Sima Martausová Brezno Nov 25 Sima Martausová Brezno Dec 01, Kiss Forever Band
Graeme Mark Brezno Dec 09 Graeme Mark Brezno Dec 15, Medial Banana