Brethren, MI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Brethren

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Sierra Hull Brethren Sep 22 Sierra Hull
Eddie Money Brethren Sep 23 Eddie Money
Onager Brethren Sep 23 Onager
Allan Scott Brethren Oct 19 Allan Scott
ClusterPluck Brethren Oct 20 ClusterPluck
Alex Mendenall Brethren Oct 21 Alex Mendenall
The Great Pumpking Jamboree Brethren Oct 21 The Great Pumpking Jamboree
4 One Quartet Brethren Oct 21 4 One Quartet
I AM FEW Brethren Oct 21 I AM FEW
The Bootstrap Boys Brethren Oct 21 The Bootstrap Boys
Broom Closet Boys Brethren Oct 21 Broom Closet Boys
Chris Smith Music Brethren Oct 21 Chris Smith Music
Trixy Tang Brethren Oct 27 Trixy Tang
Heavy Pine Brethren Oct 28 Heavy Pine, The Heavy Pine
Adrian+Meredith Brethren Nov 10 Adrian+Meredith
Alex Mendenall Brethren Nov 11 Alex Mendenall
The Lalas, Burlesque! Brethren Nov 24 The Lalas, Burlesque!
Rapid River Boys Brethren Nov 24 Rapid River Boys
The Whiskey Charmers Brethren Dec 02 The Whiskey Charmers, The Whiskey Charmers
Trixy Tang Brethren Dec 02 Trixy Tang