Bremen, IN
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
KOTF Quartet Bremen Sep 21 KOTF Quartet
All Is Well Bremen Sep 21 All Is Well, Analecta, SPACESHIPS and 1 more...
Alex Franc Bremen Sep 21 Alex Franc
Shiny Shiny Black Bremen Sep 21 Shiny Shiny Black, Kirk Saffle
The Diving Bell Bremen Sep 21 The Diving Bell, Kirk Saffle
The Bergamot Bremen Sep 21 The Bergamot
Frances Luke Accord Bremen Sep 22 Frances Luke Accord, Chris Dupont
Chris Dupont Bremen Sep 22 Chris Dupont, Frances Luke Accord
Hailshot Bremen Sep 22 Hailshot
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon Bremen Sep 22 La Arrolladora Banda El Limon
Virgin Mobile Meth Lab Bremen Sep 22 Virgin Mobile Meth Lab
The Steel Wheels Bremen Sep 23 The Steel Wheels
The Bergamot Bremen Sep 23 The Bergamot
Best 303 Sounds Bremen Sep 23 Best 303 Sounds, It Is Written
Maybe April Bremen Sep 23 Maybe April, Zach DuBois
Zach DuBois Bremen Sep 23 Zach DuBois, Maybe April
Ej Jackson Bremen Sep 23 Ej Jackson, LE Blaq Swan
Eli Degibri  Bremen Sep 23 Eli Degibri
Jim St. James Bremen Sep 23 Jim St. James, Jordans and James
Victor Wainwright Bremen Sep 24 Victor Wainwright