Breda, IA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Breda

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Sheila Greenland Band Breda Nov 22 Sheila Greenland Band
Stovetop Breda Nov 24 Stovetop, Stovetop, Cal Ultramatix
Whiskey High Music Breda Nov 25 Whiskey High Music
Lil Red & the Medicated Moose Band Breda Nov 25 Lil Red & the Medicated Moose Band
Harper and Midwest Kind Breda Nov 26 Harper and Midwest Kind
Stephen Simmons Breda Dec 03 Stephen Simmons
Whiskey High Music Breda Dec 06 Whiskey High Music
Chad Elliott Breda Dec 10 Chad Elliott
Kevin Gordon Breda Dec 23 Kevin Gordon
King Of The Tramps Breda Dec 31 King Of The Tramps
Casey Muessigmann Breda Mar 16, 2018 Casey Muessigmann
Adam Carroll Breda Jun 24, 2018 Adam Carroll
Driven11 Breda Jul 22, 2018 Driven11
Rude Band Breda Aug 11, 2018 Rude Band
Dustin Prinz Music Breda Sep 02, 2018 Dustin Prinz Music
Claude Bourbon, medieval & Spanish blues Breda Oct 07, 2018 Claude Bourbon, medieval & Spanish blues