Bloomer, WI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Michael Shynes Bloomer Sep 23 Michael Shynes
Filthy Sweet Bloomer Sep 23 Filthy Sweet
Best 303 Sounds Bloomer Sep 23 Best 303 Sounds, Filthy Sweet
20 Watt Tombstone Bloomer Sep 23 20 Watt Tombstone, Filthy Sweet
The Bird Dogs - An Everly Brothers Experience Bloomer Sep 26 The Bird Dogs - An Everly Brothers Experience
The Mavericks Bloomer Sep 27 The Mavericks, The Mavericks
Sleep Signals Bloomer Sep 28 Sleep Signals, The Scars Heal In Time
The Third Ward Bloomer Sep 28 The Third Ward
1 Tba Bloomer Sep 28 1 Tba
The Scars Heal In Time Bloomer Sep 28 The Scars Heal In Time, Sleep Signals
Jerrika Mighelle Bloomer Sep 29 Jerrika Mighelle, Them Coulee Boys, Idle Empress and 4 more...
Eauktoberfest Bloomer Sep 29 Eauktoberfest
Peter Mulvey Bloomer Sep 29 Peter Mulvey, Brianna Lane, SistaStrings and 1 more...
Chamber Noise Bloomer Sep 29 Chamber Noise
Gallery Friday Bloomer Sep 29 Gallery Friday
Orenda Fugue Bloomer Sep 30 Orenda Fugue
Bobaflex! Bloomer Sep 30 Bobaflex!
One Match Fire Bloomer Sep 30 One Match Fire, Orenda Fugue
the Beer Bloomer Oct 01 the Beer
Cheese Thing! Bloomer Oct 01 Cheese Thing!